About us

We have made this place for those who appreciate comfort and warmth provided by our real leather products.  

Ruki Classic is a set of classic products combined with modern patterns that provide the desired effect and keep them both up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion and timeless.

We cooperate and co-create the brand with the manufacturer, who is our long-standing partner.

We are confident that the leather quality as well as its origin and precision ranging from the project to production is at the highest level.

Most of our products are made of genuine fabric, which means that each leather – comparable to human – has its own character, which makes it unique and special. Just like human, it has its marks, folds, sometimes scars, which is natural characteristic of real leather.

We put all our efforts to obtain product that will impress and give the desired effect both visual and in terms of warmth, and obviously – the nature is always human-friendly.

Another advantage is the fact that well nurtured leather is durable and breathable, which makes it an ideal material for cold weather as it heats and filters out humidity.

Guided by our experience and principle that natural goods are perfect for the human, we believe that our products will meet our customers’ expectations in all respects.

This is what we wish you and ourselves because the customer satisfaction is our priority.

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